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WJM Custom Home Renovations Inc.

"You like a good job, we do it better"

WJM Custom Home Renovations Inc. has in-depth knowledge and experience in residential renovations. We are equipped to provide you with a team of dedicated professionals that deliver quality results. Our main objective is to be out front leading the industry in quality and value while providing a great experience to our customer.

  • We pride ourselves in understanding each client's specific needs.
  • Your satisfaction with our outstanding workmanship is guaranteed as we strive to prove why we are an industry leader.
  • We believe in creating homes that are unique and timeless.
  • Quality craftsmanship and design excellence are the building blocks of our company.


Doug (Bear) Morrison
, Dedicated, hard working and never wrong.

Bob (The Builder) McNiel, our Site Forman, the guy who takes all the pressure from above and probably feeds it down the line. Bob also informs Wayne (the guy that does nothing but drive around and give orders) that there's a Tim Hortons on just about every corner.
Wayne (Tucker) Tucker, Established this growing company in 2001 and hasn't look back only to see what the guys are up to. Wayne is the guy that does nothing but drive around and give orders; whats funny about this picture is that it's 9pm and i'm still in the office. All laughs aside, Wayne like any business owner has to put in many extra hours to make sure the guys are paid and customers are happy. With the patences and support from his wife, Jennifer, and two children, Megan & Macy, Wayne continues to seek business ideas to grow this company to be a leader in the home renovation marketplace in the local area. Wayne on behalf of his family and employees would like you to experience true professionalism when we complete your next project.
Kyle (Leaky Chin) Crawford: Kyle is one of our newbies, no not newfies, thats Wayne and Devin another story in its self, LOL. Kyle is a good rookie thus far and is very willing to learn from the best. I sometimes see Kyle with a wet spot on his chest and ask if his chin was leaking again, only to find out that he was working hard and that nice cotton shirt was soaking up the sweat.
Devin (Don't have a nickname yet) Noseworthy: Our newest addition. Devin seems to be will travelled and sought employment with our company because he felt he wanted to be in a stable enviornment with lots of upcoming work, good choice Devin, we will have no problem keeping you busy and we look forward to seeing your carpentry skills shine.